Run Away is an Ability that may be known by two species of Pokémon.

Run Away
Enables sure getaway from other Pokémon.

In battleEdit

A Pokémon with Run Away is guaranteed to be able to escape or switch, negating any trapping move or Ability from the opponent in effect, such as Mean Look and its variations, Wrap and its variations, Shadow Tag, Magnet Pull and Arena Trap. When activated, the message "<Pokémon name> escaped using Run Away." will appear.

Outside of battleEdit

When a Pokémon with Run Away is leading the party, the wild Pokémon encounter rate is halved.

Pokémon with Run AwayEdit

# Pokémon Types Normal Abilities Special Abilities
Squirre2 Squirre2 Normal Normal Run Away Pickup Technician None
Squirrel2 Squirrel2 Normal Dark Run Away Pickup Technician Pickpocket